Saint Jude Executive Retreat

The Surrounding Area

The Saint Jude Retreat was built with two main objectives: make sure the guest has the most effective program in the country and offer that approach in a comfortable setting. Upstate New York is a place that has it all. From warm summers to the crisp winters, activities abound. For many from other countries or other regions of the US, the fall foliage season (September through October) astounds their senses, as do the wildflower fields of spring and summer. Winter offers beautiful snows and winter sports that are a specialty here. We have some of the best skiing in the country, from Whiteface Mountain, made famous during the 1980 Winter Olympics, to Gore Mountain, with its 5 Adirondack Mountain ski range. For some of the more adventurous guests, winter also offers over 200 miles of state groomed snowmobile trails, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing, all made available for the guest at their request.

But Upstate New York is not just about the strenuous activities. A fishing trip to the local trout streams and Adirondack Rivers can be quite a stress reliever, as can a fall drive through the mountains to look at the foliage. Because Upstate New York has one of the highest differences in average temperatures, you get the best of every season.

The area hosts cultural festivals that are an invitation to all. Some of the finest home-style cooking found anywhere is part of the dining experience in the regions of Upstate New York. As the world knows, New York State is home to one of the greatest cities in the world. At a guest's request, we can make a trip to New York City as part of their stay, bringing the excitement of the city as part of their executive retreat experience. The Adirondack Park has over 6 million acres of forever wild wilderness open to the public and is larger than both Yellowstone Park and Yosemite Park combined. This sampling just shows how diverse a stay in New York really is. From the largest forever wild park in the US to the most popular city in the world, our guests have the best of each extreme.

The Executive Retreat guest also has access to the Tri-City Capital Region, a group of cities that comprise the capital of New York: Albany, and the smaller cities of Troy, Schenectady, and the surrounding area. All of these cities are filled with history that goes back to our country's founding fathers and was the stage of much of the Revolutionary War. Saratoga Springs is less than one-half hour away, with August being the world famous horse racing month. This region is also host to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Boxing Hall of Fame, and the underground caves of Howe's Caverns. Whitewater rafting on the famous Upper Hudson River is also available during the hotter days of summer.

An array of activities is scheduled weekly depending upon your taste and preferences. Activities are also dependent upon season, weather conditions, and availability. Each guest meets upon arrival with the Director or Assistant Director to ensure your satisfaction in all planned social activities.

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