Executive Alcohol Rehab Services

Saint Jude's offers the Most Successful Alternative to Executive Alcohol Rehabilitation

Going out for drinks with colleagues and friends can be a pleasant way to relax and socialize, but for the adult professional who is struggling with a drinking problem, it can be a frightening ordeal. Those who have attended an executive alcohol rehab are told that they must forgo business dinners and places where alcohol is served. They are advised they may have to change careers, stop seeing family and friends who drink, and avoid any activities that used to involve drinking. Once they seek help and attend an executive alcohol rehab, they learn that their lives can never be the same again.

Saint Jude Retreats offers an innovative and effective alternative to executive alcohol rehab programs. The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Retreats is designed to help people regain control over their thoughts, their behaviors, and their lives. Changing careers and avoiding friends and family are unnecessary and should not be considered viable solutions to an alcohol problem.

The Saint Jude Program recognizes that adult professionals have been successful in many areas of life, and can regain control with respect to alcohol use as well. Whether your goal is complete abstinence or moderation, Saint Jude's can help.

Not only is attending an executive alcohol rehab costly in both time and money, attending rehab for a drinking problem can also be damaging to a professional's reputation and career. All executive alcohol rehab programs and facilities must keep extensive medical records that are accessible by insurance companies (including life insurance companies), state and federal governments, and prospective clients and employers. A diagnosis of alcoholism or alcohol abuse and a stay in an executive alcohol rehab can negatively impact your professional license and your income.

The Saint Jude Program is the only non-12 Step, non-treatment approach to overcoming problems with alcohol therefore Saint Jude staff does not diagnose or keep medical records. Getting help for a drinking problem is a private matter and should be kept as such. Through Saint Jude's proprietary approach, The Freedom Model, guests are guided through a process of self-directed, neuroplastic change. Making positive lifestyle changes should not be an unpleasant process. Contrary to what happens at executive alcohol rehab, Saint Jude's educates, motivates, and inspires people to build the life they have always wanted.

There is no imaginary line that people cross where they lose control over their alcohol consumption, and there is no alcoholism disease that renders people powerless to stop. Admitting and accepting powerlessness regarding any thought or behavior is counter-productive and harmful. The Saint Jude Executive Retreat dispels the myths surrounding alcohol problems and provides the truth. Backed by scientific research, The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat is the only true alternative to executive alcohol rehab.

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