An Alternative to Long Term Drug Treatment for Executives

The Freedom Model Future Planning

We see three common demographics of people enroll in The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Retreat, and they are not always accomplished executives. Of course, we do enroll a high percentage of people who are successful in their careers and their lives but who are at a stage where they need a place to decompress and assure their next stage in life. In addition to this demographic, there are two other demographics that find their way to The Freedom Model Program here at our retreat as well. All three demographics may need help in areas other than substance use as they work through the classes in The Freedom Model Program. For these guests, we offer Freedom Model Future Planning as part of their time spent at the retreat.

Ensuring You Have a Plan For Continued Success

So who are these guests with these other ancillary needs? They are:

  1. The middle-aged Executive/CEO who has achieved a level of success in their life, but who are struggling with drugs and/or alcohol. Guests in this demographic can also be struggling with marital troubles, legal issues, strained family relationships, financial issues as a result of poor decision making while using substances, etc. They tend to say they "feel stuck" which is uncharacteristic for them based on their successful past experience in life. This feeling keeps them in a state of anxiousness and wields a sense of loss of confidence that may be accompanied by panic attacks and depression.
  2. The Senior Executive, CEO or Entrepreneur. They too have achieved a level of success, and, like their middle-aged counterparts above, they are not sure how to move forward. They too feel "stuck" and are unsure of "what's next" as they move into their senior years. These folks might say they are “bored” and that they drink because of this feeling of life stagnation. They also tend to be financially set, so they do not feel a sense of urgency to change their mental and physical daily trajectory, but now the pain of drinking and solitude has begun to outweigh their desire for the high or being drunk. We help this demographic move on, become “unstuck” and begin the next stage of success in their lives, both in the sense of their substance use issue, AND their other life issues mentioned herein.
  3. Then we have a younger demographic that might have just begun a successful life. They might be a new parent, a new entrepreneur, or even a socialite, and they are struggling to keep their momentum and happiness in life alive. Within this demographic are men and women who may not have launched yet, and we can help them make the choices to start their adulthood in a more responsible and productive manner.

As each person's needs, circumstances, and goals are unique, researchers at Saint Jude's offer a way to build a customized plan for each individual when they go through their sessions here. The Freedom Model addresses the substance use issues in great researched detail, as well as the emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, dealing with stress, finding fulfillment, etc. Each guest may need help with a very specific set of needs and we will walk them through those issues to a newfound heading. They might need to address areas of need or interest outside the scope of addiction to maximize and sustain personal growth as they return home.

For instance, guests may need information and logistical support to relocate to a new area after completing their retreat stay, or to go back to college, or maybe guests need to navigate through a divorce, re-establish positive family relationships, or discuss career options with your employer, decide upon a new career field, or find a job for the first time ever. These are all aspects of Future Planning at the Saint Jude Retreats. Future Planning helps guests address specific areas of need so they are better prepared to return home on a solid footing.

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