Luxury Alcohol Rehab Services

Saint Jude's Offers the Most Successful Alternative to Alcohol Luxury Rehabs

Many people do not think of luxury when they think of attending an alcohol rehab. The prevailing school of thought is that attending alcohol rehab should be uncomfortable and even a punishment. Even those places that call themselves a luxury alcohol rehab employ punitive and controlling methods in their treatment. The caring professionals who created The Freedom Model offered at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat have proven that providing people with comfortable, luxurious accommodations and a cognitive behavioral educational experience yield much better results.

The Saint Jude Executive Retreat is the clear alternative choice to attending a luxury alcohol rehab. With a capacity for only six guests, all private bedrooms, Tempurpedic mattresses, two Executive Chefs, Jacuzzi tubs, outdoor hot tub (year-round), a heated swimming pool (seasonal), onsite dry sauna massage therapy, and round trip transportation including private car service, and all private class sessions, the Saint Jude Executive Retreat smashes the stereotype of a luxury alcohol rehab.

For the adult professional who is struggling with an alcohol problem and is seeking a luxury alcohol rehab, Saint Jude's provides all the necessities so they can carry on their business while attending the program. Hi-speed internet access, cell coverage for all major carriers, and private work spaces are available. Additionally, attending a luxury alcohol rehab can be damaging to your reputation and career, however, as Saint Jude's takes a non-treatment, non-medical approach offering only cognitive behavioral education, no medical records of any kind are kept or shared with other agencies. Many people do not realize that when they attend a luxury alcohol rehab, and especially when insurance is used to pay for alcohol rehab, those records are available to other insurance companies, government agencies, courts, and even prospective employers that require licensing, bonding, or government clearance.

Luxury alcohol rehab programs operate on the premise that people with alcohol problems have a progressive, incurable disease called alcoholism that renders them forever powerless over alcohol. With this premise, the only acceptable outcome of treatment is complete abstinence although alcoholism professionals estimate that less than 20% actually achieve long term abstinence. People that attend a luxury alcohol rehab are referred to attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and sometimes long term outpatient therapy once they have completed the residential program. The Freedom Model at Saint Jude Executive Retreat makes no such recommendations and instead allows for all possible outcomes.

Saint Jude's understands that those seeking a luxury alcohol rehab have already achieved many successes in life. Because they are seeking help for an alcohol problem does not mean they are powerless or diseased, it means they have encountered a small obstacle on their path to happiness and success in their life. The primary goal of The Freedom Model offered at The Saint Jude Program offered at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat is to help people to remove any obstacles that may stand in their way to personal success. Saint Jude's provides a path for people to regain control over their own lives so they can build the life they truly want.

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