Luxury Drug Rehab Services

Saint Jude's offers the most successful alternative to Drug Luxury Rehabs

The problem with any luxury drug rehab is it is still a drug rehab. All luxury drug rehab programs are based on the outdated, scientifically disproven disease concept of addiction. Teaching people that they are powerless over drugs and suffering from a lifelong disease is counter-productive and a lie. It is not surprising that the disease methodology results in relapse requiring additional treatment at a rate of more than 80%. Individuals and their families can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on multiple treatment episodes, only to feel more powerless and out of control with each subsequent failure.

For the less than 20% that do manage to achieve some long term abstinence from illegal substance use after attending drug rehab, many are diagnosed with emotional problems, are heavily medicated, and have traded their daily drug use for daily meetings and group therapy. Those seeking a luxury drug rehab are often adult professionals who have achieved much success in many areas of life. Drug rehab programs do not acknowledge successes, chain people to their past failures, and often tell people that they must leave their successful careers and families to take care of themselves and ensure they can stay clean.

The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Executive Program is an effective alternative to ineffective luxury drug rehab programs. Saint Jude's uses proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Education methodology designed to provide program participants with accurate information and a clear cut path to self-driven, neuroplastic change. For more than 20 years, Saint Jude's has been helping people to regain control of their lives and build the life they truly want.
There is no addiction disease; there are only lifestyle choices. While people with drug use problems may feel powerless and out of control, this is the result of repetitive thought and behavior patterns that have become habituated, not an incurable disease. Cravings are nothing more than repetitive thoughts and have absolutely no power. People always have control and power over their own thoughts and behaviors. The Freedom Model's primary goal is to help each participant harness that power and control to change their own lives.

No luxury drug rehab can force someone to act or think differently. Where executive drug rehab programs utilize fear and guilt as their primary motivators for change, The Freedom Model is designed to help people overcome their fear and guilt so they can move on with their life. It is the difference between running away from a dismal past and running toward a bright future.

All people have the power to change their lives and overcome even the most serious drug problem. The Saint Jude Executive Retreat offers the first and only non 12 Step, non-disease, non-treatment approach to addiction available today. If you are looking for help, Saint Jude's offers many programming options and can help you find the one that fits your needs.

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