The Freedom Model Philosophy

Embracing Reality: "People Have The Power to Change and You Don’t Have to be in Perpetual Recovery to Do It"

The Freedom Model philosophy works on two basic ideas. The first principle is the reality that each person has the power to change their own thoughts, behaviors, and life. The second foundation is that addiction and recovery are cultural ideas or constructs that have developed in the last century and that both are not based on facts, but rather are based on certain beliefs and myths that keep an individual trapped in treatment, recovery and 12 Step systems.

The Freedom Model Program debunks the myths behind the addiction/recovery cycle. An example of an addiction myth debunked at our Executive Retreat is that addiction is a disease. Another myth is the idea that an individual who likes to drink and use drugs will always keep that preference. Here's another - that "recovery" is needed for the rest of your life. As we debunk the disease myth, there is no need to keep the recovery myth alive anymore, as there is nothing to recover from. As we deconstruct the treatment model piece by piece, you are able to easily move past addiction and its stable-mate recovery. These are just some of the lessons you will work on as you complete The Freedom Model Program at the retreat. As you can see, this is not a rehab, but the opposite message from a rehab. We call it freedom!

The Freedom Model is a comprehensive guide to self-directed change, as you are the only person that can change you.

Saint Jude's does not provide people with a built-in excuse for continuous struggle and failure. There is no addiction disease that renders an individual powerless to change, and teaching people they are powerless and diseased is counterproductive and harmful.

The Freedom Model is designed to educate, motivate, and inspire people to take complete control of every aspect of their lives. Our guests are shown precisely how to overcome their problems, improve their lives, and build the lives they have always wanted.

The Freedom Model provides accurate information regarding substance use problems, and all of the information you will be provided is rooted in science, not speculation. The Freedom Model has been developed over a span of 3 decades; a result of rigorous research during that span of time. The Freedom Model is not therapy as its purpose is not artificially implementing change in others or coercing through fear tactics, guilt, and shame. Instead, The Freedom Model provides knowledge and guidance to help each person as they proceed through a process of intensive self-awareness and increased knowledge of the facts of substance use and addiction and specifically how to move past them and leave that era in their lives behind forever.

The Freedom Model takes into account the fact that all people move in the direction of what they perceive will make them most happy at any given moment in time.

Where drug and executive alcohol treatment programs keep keep patients perpetually linked to their past by using fear and guilt from past transgressions as the primary motivators for change, Saint Jude's non-treatment, non-12 step approach allows people to move on with their lives and focus on building an optimistic and exciting future through positive motivation. Overcoming fear and guilt are two key components of The Freedom Model and are absolutely essential to building a happy and fulfilling life.

The Freedom Model is continuously evolving based on the latest research. To build the model, The Freedom Model developers and research team have investigated extensive research done by behavioral scientists and social scientists throughout history. In addition, they have personally helped many thousands to overcome substance use problems over the past 3 decades. Their research is ongoing so that each guest can receive the most up-to-date information available.

All people have the power of choice over their thoughts, behaviors, and their future. The key to helping people overcome their problems is to first show them that they can.

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